Spring jackets to summer shorts

As we are in full swing of spring, most of us are experiencing rain and warm temperatures.  Some of us are enjoying the beautiful weather by the beach and for others let’s just say are still waiting to enjoy the beauty of God’s miraculous wonders.
I am looking forward to the summer.  My mind gravitates to traveling, swimming with the kids, picnics with my husband and just plain good fun. I can’t wait to take break out my summer dresses and sandals.  Break out my summer hats and sunglasses. 
  Now I must be honest as the summer approaches I  am scared of the “fashion” that we are going to encounter.  As a woman I personally love to leave things to the imagination.  I don’t need to have my body exposed to the world in order to get attention.  Unfortunately, all does not have that mind set.  Some seek attention from the opposite sex and it isn’t always the best attention.  In no way am I trying to degrade anyone, however I do believe that a woman’s body is her temple and needs to be treated as such.  Our bodies need to be respected and our womanhood.
Short dresses, skirts and too short shorts are not attractive.  I would prefer not to see your “sunshine” if you should bend over.  Or knowing what color your undergarments are.  Certain things should just not be seen or known by others. 
Growing up in a big city I have seen how where you live, your family structure and your authority figues strongly influence who you are. 
I do understand that culturally some just aren’t shared that information and if the young girls are being informed, then it is a choice based on what society is doing. What the trend is. What is deemed acceptable. Generational curses and society has destroyed the image of what a lady is.  Rap stars degrade the very fiber of a woman.  Now on the flip side some women yearn to be loved and valued like what they see men hooping and hollering over.  And not really considering that that man is not going to take that woman home to be her everything. I sometimes just want to hand out my business card to be their personal stylist and advocate.  I believein uplifting women.  Sharing the love in the beauty that they possess.  But how do you do that without offending someone.  I don’t want anyone to get the notion that I am trying to say that I am better than them.  I just want them to know that they are beautiful and should dress as such.   We are beautiful in every facet.  Black, white, Hispanic, Indian, Hindu, African, German etc are all beautiful!
I know I may get some flack for this post, but this is from personal experiences and advocating to young girls that cause my opinion to be what it is.  I realize that there are other factors that may effect a persons style of dress and thought process.  I do welcome other points of view because I do appreciate and value others opinions.


Confessions of a Beauty Blogger Tag



1. How many hours a week do you spend planning/writing/uploading posts?
Planning doesn’t take long at all because I write as I go as soon as I come up with an idea. Writing of course takes the longest out of all three but it really depends on what I’m writing about! Reviews and tutorials take the longest because they require photography but doing tags like these do not take long at all in comparison! In total I think I spend a maximum of 3 hours doing all of those three things (and I love every minute of it hehe).

2. Are you a spender or a saver?
Honestly I would put myself in my middle. I set myself a budget that I can spend on beauty products each month. If there are several more high end products I’ve been eyeing, I will allow myself to only purchase one so I have to force…

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March Madness

From the first day of March up until  March 31st, I had been crazy busy.  As the month progressed on more doors started to open and progression was full steam ahead.  I was in awe of the opportunities that were becoming available to me.  I’m guessing they were always right there, but I was standing in my own way and blocking my blessings.   It has been told to me to be careful what you pray for because God will give it to in abundance. And this month I have received it in abundance.  I am ever so thankful because I  am ready for the ball to roll.

Over the last few months I have been branching out and coming out of my shell.  I have opened up to a broader network circle and it has been so much fun meeting new people and broadening my horizons.  For those that know me it may seem strange to hear that I was in a shell.  Why? Because I am so spunky, live, fun, outgoing, very forthright etc., but people have a way of turning you into someone else.  Especially if you allow it. I came across so many people that were negative and condescending.   I realized that people can be two faced and unforgiving.  Cynical and skeptical.  I ended up coming to a place where I was fighting to prove who I was as a person, a designer, writer and a business woman.  Eventually it became very discouraging. I even allowed it to play upon my mental psyche and I surrendered myself to be less than I was destined for. GREATNESS.  I later began to embark on a journey where I found no happiness, no excitement and I didn’t love it.  I pushed along, but hated it everyday of it.  I asked myself why I was parading around like I wholly owned this level of happiness I was  portraying within a career I didn’t like.  So yet again I stopped. 

Being tired of not doing what I love I discontinued worrying about others thoughts and feelings and made the conscious decision to go for the gusto.  Living for other is not the “business.”  I made a pact with myself and refused to give up ever again. So long story short I wake up everyday and give it my all.  No matter whether I am exhausted or not. I go for it.  I schedule my life accordingly and never forget to have my family time.

Recently I joined an awesome business as an independent distributor with it works.   The company is phenomenal and specializes in helping those lose weight, maintain the weight,  hair, skin and nails etc.. Within this company, I saw another chance to help people find their self confidence while taking their journey of losing weight. 

The team I am a part of is a group of awesome women and men who are committed to helping others and setting their families on the road to freedom. What is freedom?  Freedom from debt.  The freedom to travel when you want to without having to request off from a supervisor.  That spoke to me because I am not the type of person that enjoys punching a clock.  Now I am not ignorant to the fact that until I get to where I need to be that I must do what is necessary  In addition, I found new friends and another way to connect with my sister.  Which for me is beautiful.   I was able to also connect with a classmate from high school.  I am so glad that I made this choice.  This is profound for me to be around like people, free thinkers, people are unafraid to explore.  They are fearless! They showed me that they rather be free thinkers and rich, than to be  skeptical and broke.  

Next up is the travel club that I am working on.  The idea that I am working on is great.  Too much to explain in detail without showing the evidence of how great this will be, but I would love to share it and show everyone how it works.  Then get your feedback. I do believe that all will enjoy it and want to take advantage of the benefits of travel with their families. 

Then on top of all the endeavors I have just told you about I have a few more, but I won’t overwhelm you with all that jazz.  However, I must share with you that my sister and I are coming out with a new workout attire line for plus size women.  As a designer I have become ever so frustrated with plus size women not having the proper work attire that makes them feel good and allow them to exude self-confidence.  It bothers me that plus size women don’t have workout attire to make them feel comfortable and look beautiful while working out.  Any women deserves to have clothing that not only make them feel empowered, but embrace their femininity while on their journey.  Along with the workout attire we are creating some additional tools and programs to help the ladies along their journey.  Look out for it….. It is coming!

So as you can see I have been a busy bee in March.  Funny thing is that I only touched on a few things that were taking place in march.  Now April has rolled in and it has not stopped.  The ball has picked up steam and I am so elated.  This is to be continued so stay tuned.

Milan Fashion Week Feature: Moschino Fall 2015


Admirably Legal

Last year, Moschino went “rogue” and plastered its collection with fast food inspired themes.  At the time, my thought was, “Who the hell would pay money for this?”  While it is rather amusing to observe, many have begun wondering whether fashion week is more of a crazy art project as opposed to a display of wearable fashion.

When last year’s collection hit stores, it flew off the shelves, which was a surprise to many (myself included).  Although I vowed not to buy high-end designer products reminiscent of McDonalds, as I do not even eat at fast food chains, I could not resist snagging a phone case.  In my defense, I got it for 60% off at Nordstrom.

iPhone 5s Case: Moschino iPhone 5s Case: Moschino

This year, Moschino turned the pages of their funky art story and have taken everyone (well at least children of the 80s like myself) back to their childhoods.

Cartoon Craze

Growing up…

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Capture Me in a Flash

In my recent article about Raw Nashville, I mentioned a budding fashion photographer Ms. Arin Phillips.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing this vivacious, driven young lady.  It was such a pleasure to see a young woman with goals and the determination to see them through. 

Arin is a beautiful 22 year old photographer.  Born and raised right here in Nashville is third of all her sibling.  Arin mentioned that she grew up with 5 siblings and of all her siblings she only has one brother. 

While in high school Arin took a class that was split between graphic design and photography.  Arin stated with such passion “the moment I picked up the camera, I knew this is what I wanted to do.”  Ever since then Arin has learned all she could about photography and has even thought about doing workshops to help others learn about photography. Paying it forward.

Arin has such big dreams and for a young determined soul like herself, I see each one of the manifesting.  When Arin first got started into photography she was doing photoshoots for seniors graduating.  Now Arin has expanded into doing fashion photography as a freelance photographer. Which she is really good at by the way.  Arin eventually wants to own her own studio continuing to do fashion photography and styled shoots.  She also wants to find a publicist and work for a magazine.  Arin loves the idea of moving to the great New York or California in hopes to fulfill her dreams.  Arin also mentioned about really wanting to live in Australia. she says it’s on her bucket list. Now the big dream is to work for Vogue as a staff photographer.  Hell why not?? I say go for it!!  And at the rate that Arin is going, she is going to succeed at reaching her goal.  It is inevitable!!

Our young photographer currently works at a local family owned business, Puffy Muffin, in Brentwood and shoots on her days off.  Right now Arin shoots on location with professional studio lights. She may not have the studio right now, but Arin definitely ensures that she brings the studio and professionalism to each shoot. I noticed that she had a great eye for her surroundings and has done an impeccable job about capturing it all.  Arin’s said that her mind was like a computer.  That it was able to compute the final  look of the photograph before the shoot was taken. I was able to understand that thought from an artistic point of view. For some, it’s hard to fathom a mind that works like that, but to an artist it makes perfect sense.

I asked Arin about traveling and how often she gets to do that. Arin mentions that she really only shoots here in Nashville, but is willing to travel to gain more experience and exposure. I gave Arin some details about a travel club that I am associated with, so that she may be able to travel easier without having to break the bank to do so. My thoughts were she could experience the world and work on perfecting her craft at the same time.

Arin was so much fun to speak with and get to know a little bit about. This is the first of many blogs about Arin. As she grows I want to keep up with Arin and show her success through hard work and dedication to her craft. I wish Arin many blessings in all her endeavors. Look forward to the next article with Arin where we touch base on her inspiration, her thoughts on the fashion world and more.

Follow Arin on Facebook at Arin Phillips Fashion Photography or on Instagram @arinphillipsfashion.

The Raw and the Real in Nashville

Recently I found myself being super busy. Busy to a point that blogging took a back seat.  In all of my busy I have been really networking and trying to become more involved into the fashion/art scene in Nashville.  Well lets just say that hard work pays off.  I was invited to an event called Raw Nashville.  This event was so much fun and exhilarating.  It was even inspirational to be around people with a like mind.  ARTISTIC!  I was in my heaven…. Now to some that means nothing or even like how do you compare the real heaven to an artistic event.  Well in my mind heaven is a beautiful place with beautiful people all being able to enjoy with they love to do.  So Raw Nashville was just that!! A beautiful place with beautiful people all enjoying with they love to do. 

I was in awe at how many underground artist were there with such an unequivocal love for their craft.  When I tell you that I saw some work that was impeccable, whew it blew my mind away.  Designers, painters, music artist, jewelry makers and the list goes on.  I even met a women, Dyanner Brown, that had such a profound message in her art work.  It moved me because not only do women, men and children have a story to tell, but most times the don’t have an outlet that actually (excuse my French) gives a damn. 


work created by Dyanner Brown

This is one of the pieces of work done by Dyanner.  The words on this canvas speaks volumes!  It says a lot about the compassion of the artist, the empathy that burns within her soul, and the blessing to be the voice when others feel like they don’t have one.  Her business card says it all…’Life Worth Loving Advocacy & Art’.  Thank you Dyanner for your voice. 

I also humbly met Arin Phillips, who is a Fashion Photographer.  I absolutely love the images she captured.  You could tell that photography is her passion, that her calm, sweet demeanor went into every image she captured.  In fact, they kind of had me held spell bound.  I kept looking at them and find peace and happiness within her photos.  As a model, I love working with photographers that are soothing, but fun.


Work by Arin Phillips

Arin Phillips also has a very acute eye, that is hard to describe.  Her art speaks for itself.  I am actually looking forward to possibly doing some work with  Ms. Arin. 

Next up Michel’le Walden, a fierce freelance makeup artist. She was intertwined with the fashion segment of Raw Nashville.  My really good friend, Tamika Lasha, modeled for her and the makeup she did on her was flawless.  Tamika modeled a Geisha look and if I didn’t know any better I would have thought she was.  When I tell you it was hands down gorgeous, it was bananas gorgeous.  In addition, Ikyia Fletcher, an incredibly talented hairstylist created all the wigs that the models wore.  Michel’le and Ikyia are a force to be reckoned with.  The world better watch out because this team is blazing a trail all of their own.  These are the type of women I need on my team.  They are about business, growth, and helping uplift each other.  They had fun while creating magic, that just sprinkled through their finger tips.  It was a love for which you could tell this is what they were blessed to do.

After a night full of networking, mingling and learning I was exhausted.  I am overwhelming excited about going to the next Raw Nashville coming up in April.  In fact,I just may enter my work as a designer to showcase my talents and include all of these beautiful ladies on this journey.

I am happy to find there is a platform where artist can showcase their talents and receive genuine interest from people who appreciate  the work created.  I understand the grind work it takes to strive for greatness.  I understand the level of dedication it takes to build an empire or to have the passion to leave a legacy behind for your children.  The grind work is real and is more than just a notion.  It means sometimes sacrificing to put forth the effort to make your dreams come true.  It means sometimes staying up late, to practice or waking up early everyday until you get it right.  I know that I couldn’t imagine doing anything else other than being a designer, helping others reach their goal by blogging and modeling.  I love my craft!  I love the fashion world and all that I get to be within that world.

To read more about Raw Nashville visit http://www.rawartists.org
Follow Ikiya on Instagram @blondebeautybeast
Follow Michel’le in Instagram @itsnotmichelle

Also look out for exclusive interviews with these wonderful ladies.

I love Me!

A while back I dealt with a situation with my daughter where she was being picked on in school.  All the while she is trying to find out who she is as person, where she fits in as a young girl, and where her journey begins as she embarks on being a teenager.  As a parent I not only was concerned as to how she would handle being picked on, how it would ultimately effect her inner spirit and self-esteem. 

I realized how much more cruel children are than when I was growing up.  Being a mom, I wanted to spank all these children, jack them up and let them know what it felt like , but I had to take into account that these young girls were doing this for a reason.  There was deeper motive than just having something to do.  So I set my motherly emotions aside and scheduled a conference with the teachers, the principal, the parents and the children.  By the end of the meeting I was fuming  because the mother was so immature, spoke very ignorantly and her demeanor was very callous.  I then began to understand why her child acted the way that she did.  I also later found out that the little girl was being abused at home by her siblings and was home alone most of the time. 

Meanwhile, my daughter was being destroyed in the chaos of this drama.  My daughter was caught in the funnel of this child’s destruction.  As a mother I wanted to protect her 24 hours, sit in class with her and dare someone to say anything out the way, or even look at her crazy.  But what was this doing for my daughter?  Would this weaken her further and she be further afraid to stand up for herself?  Would this make her more cowardice and fragile, meek and more intimidated to protect her very being from this child’s wrath. 

I did the only thing I knew to do without taking her ability to stand up for herself away.  I taught her about inner beauty, inner peace, positivity, style, happiness, self-love and more.  I created mantras that we said together. Mantras that lifted her inner being, filled her soul with love from herself and then others.  I also gave her a fresh perspective on outward appearance.  What the difference was between fashion and style.  How to stand out and be confident.  It took some time for these lessons to sink in.  It was an everyday effort.  We talked more about self-awareness and even how to help others in her same position.  That this may even  help her get through her own pain and help her find resources and ways that I didn’t think of that could help her greatly.  I even urged my daughter to journal and most of all PRAY.  Release her feelings!  Cry, scream, run, shout, jump up and down.  Whatever it took to release the feelings and pain burning deep within her.  Our children are our future, we must protect them at all cost.