Capture Me in a Flash

In my recent article about Raw Nashville, I mentioned a budding fashion photographer Ms. Arin Phillips.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing this vivacious, driven young lady.  It was such a pleasure to see a young woman with goals and the determination to see them through. 

Arin is a beautiful 22 year old photographer.  Born and raised right here in Nashville is third of all her sibling.  Arin mentioned that she grew up with 5 siblings and of all her siblings she only has one brother. 

While in high school Arin took a class that was split between graphic design and photography.  Arin stated with such passion “the moment I picked up the camera, I knew this is what I wanted to do.”  Ever since then Arin has learned all she could about photography and has even thought about doing workshops to help others learn about photography. Paying it forward.

Arin has such big dreams and for a young determined soul like herself, I see each one of the manifesting.  When Arin first got started into photography she was doing photoshoots for seniors graduating.  Now Arin has expanded into doing fashion photography as a freelance photographer. Which she is really good at by the way.  Arin eventually wants to own her own studio continuing to do fashion photography and styled shoots.  She also wants to find a publicist and work for a magazine.  Arin loves the idea of moving to the great New York or California in hopes to fulfill her dreams.  Arin also mentioned about really wanting to live in Australia. she says it’s on her bucket list. Now the big dream is to work for Vogue as a staff photographer.  Hell why not?? I say go for it!!  And at the rate that Arin is going, she is going to succeed at reaching her goal.  It is inevitable!!

Our young photographer currently works at a local family owned business, Puffy Muffin, in Brentwood and shoots on her days off.  Right now Arin shoots on location with professional studio lights. She may not have the studio right now, but Arin definitely ensures that she brings the studio and professionalism to each shoot. I noticed that she had a great eye for her surroundings and has done an impeccable job about capturing it all.  Arin’s said that her mind was like a computer.  That it was able to compute the final  look of the photograph before the shoot was taken. I was able to understand that thought from an artistic point of view. For some, it’s hard to fathom a mind that works like that, but to an artist it makes perfect sense.

I asked Arin about traveling and how often she gets to do that. Arin mentions that she really only shoots here in Nashville, but is willing to travel to gain more experience and exposure. I gave Arin some details about a travel club that I am associated with, so that she may be able to travel easier without having to break the bank to do so. My thoughts were she could experience the world and work on perfecting her craft at the same time.

Arin was so much fun to speak with and get to know a little bit about. This is the first of many blogs about Arin. As she grows I want to keep up with Arin and show her success through hard work and dedication to her craft. I wish Arin many blessings in all her endeavors. Look forward to the next article with Arin where we touch base on her inspiration, her thoughts on the fashion world and more.

Follow Arin on Facebook at Arin Phillips Fashion Photography or on Instagram @arinphillipsfashion.


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