Milan Fashion Week Feature: Moschino Fall 2015


Admirably Legal

Last year, Moschino went “rogue” and plastered its collection with fast food inspired themes.  At the time, my thought was, “Who the hell would pay money for this?”  While it is rather amusing to observe, many have begun wondering whether fashion week is more of a crazy art project as opposed to a display of wearable fashion.

When last year’s collection hit stores, it flew off the shelves, which was a surprise to many (myself included).  Although I vowed not to buy high-end designer products reminiscent of McDonalds, as I do not even eat at fast food chains, I could not resist snagging a phone case.  In my defense, I got it for 60% off at Nordstrom.

iPhone 5s Case: Moschino iPhone 5s Case: Moschino

This year, Moschino turned the pages of their funky art story and have taken everyone (well at least children of the 80s like myself) back to their childhoods.

Cartoon Craze

Growing up…

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