March Madness

From the first day of March up until  March 31st, I had been crazy busy.  As the month progressed on more doors started to open and progression was full steam ahead.  I was in awe of the opportunities that were becoming available to me.  I’m guessing they were always right there, but I was standing in my own way and blocking my blessings.   It has been told to me to be careful what you pray for because God will give it to in abundance. And this month I have received it in abundance.  I am ever so thankful because I  am ready for the ball to roll.

Over the last few months I have been branching out and coming out of my shell.  I have opened up to a broader network circle and it has been so much fun meeting new people and broadening my horizons.  For those that know me it may seem strange to hear that I was in a shell.  Why? Because I am so spunky, live, fun, outgoing, very forthright etc., but people have a way of turning you into someone else.  Especially if you allow it. I came across so many people that were negative and condescending.   I realized that people can be two faced and unforgiving.  Cynical and skeptical.  I ended up coming to a place where I was fighting to prove who I was as a person, a designer, writer and a business woman.  Eventually it became very discouraging. I even allowed it to play upon my mental psyche and I surrendered myself to be less than I was destined for. GREATNESS.  I later began to embark on a journey where I found no happiness, no excitement and I didn’t love it.  I pushed along, but hated it everyday of it.  I asked myself why I was parading around like I wholly owned this level of happiness I was  portraying within a career I didn’t like.  So yet again I stopped. 

Being tired of not doing what I love I discontinued worrying about others thoughts and feelings and made the conscious decision to go for the gusto.  Living for other is not the “business.”  I made a pact with myself and refused to give up ever again. So long story short I wake up everyday and give it my all.  No matter whether I am exhausted or not. I go for it.  I schedule my life accordingly and never forget to have my family time.

Recently I joined an awesome business as an independent distributor with it works.   The company is phenomenal and specializes in helping those lose weight, maintain the weight,  hair, skin and nails etc.. Within this company, I saw another chance to help people find their self confidence while taking their journey of losing weight. 

The team I am a part of is a group of awesome women and men who are committed to helping others and setting their families on the road to freedom. What is freedom?  Freedom from debt.  The freedom to travel when you want to without having to request off from a supervisor.  That spoke to me because I am not the type of person that enjoys punching a clock.  Now I am not ignorant to the fact that until I get to where I need to be that I must do what is necessary  In addition, I found new friends and another way to connect with my sister.  Which for me is beautiful.   I was able to also connect with a classmate from high school.  I am so glad that I made this choice.  This is profound for me to be around like people, free thinkers, people are unafraid to explore.  They are fearless! They showed me that they rather be free thinkers and rich, than to be  skeptical and broke.  

Next up is the travel club that I am working on.  The idea that I am working on is great.  Too much to explain in detail without showing the evidence of how great this will be, but I would love to share it and show everyone how it works.  Then get your feedback. I do believe that all will enjoy it and want to take advantage of the benefits of travel with their families. 

Then on top of all the endeavors I have just told you about I have a few more, but I won’t overwhelm you with all that jazz.  However, I must share with you that my sister and I are coming out with a new workout attire line for plus size women.  As a designer I have become ever so frustrated with plus size women not having the proper work attire that makes them feel good and allow them to exude self-confidence.  It bothers me that plus size women don’t have workout attire to make them feel comfortable and look beautiful while working out.  Any women deserves to have clothing that not only make them feel empowered, but embrace their femininity while on their journey.  Along with the workout attire we are creating some additional tools and programs to help the ladies along their journey.  Look out for it….. It is coming!

So as you can see I have been a busy bee in March.  Funny thing is that I only touched on a few things that were taking place in march.  Now April has rolled in and it has not stopped.  The ball has picked up steam and I am so elated.  This is to be continued so stay tuned.


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