Spring jackets to summer shorts

As we are in full swing of spring, most of us are experiencing rain and warm temperatures.  Some of us are enjoying the beautiful weather by the beach and for others let’s just say are still waiting to enjoy the beauty of God’s miraculous wonders.
I am looking forward to the summer.  My mind gravitates to traveling, swimming with the kids, picnics with my husband and just plain good fun. I can’t wait to take break out my summer dresses and sandals.  Break out my summer hats and sunglasses. 
  Now I must be honest as the summer approaches I  am scared of the “fashion” that we are going to encounter.  As a woman I personally love to leave things to the imagination.  I don’t need to have my body exposed to the world in order to get attention.  Unfortunately, all does not have that mind set.  Some seek attention from the opposite sex and it isn’t always the best attention.  In no way am I trying to degrade anyone, however I do believe that a woman’s body is her temple and needs to be treated as such.  Our bodies need to be respected and our womanhood.
Short dresses, skirts and too short shorts are not attractive.  I would prefer not to see your “sunshine” if you should bend over.  Or knowing what color your undergarments are.  Certain things should just not be seen or known by others. 
Growing up in a big city I have seen how where you live, your family structure and your authority figues strongly influence who you are. 
I do understand that culturally some just aren’t shared that information and if the young girls are being informed, then it is a choice based on what society is doing. What the trend is. What is deemed acceptable. Generational curses and society has destroyed the image of what a lady is.  Rap stars degrade the very fiber of a woman.  Now on the flip side some women yearn to be loved and valued like what they see men hooping and hollering over.  And not really considering that that man is not going to take that woman home to be her everything. I sometimes just want to hand out my business card to be their personal stylist and advocate.  I believein uplifting women.  Sharing the love in the beauty that they possess.  But how do you do that without offending someone.  I don’t want anyone to get the notion that I am trying to say that I am better than them.  I just want them to know that they are beautiful and should dress as such.   We are beautiful in every facet.  Black, white, Hispanic, Indian, Hindu, African, German etc are all beautiful!
I know I may get some flack for this post, but this is from personal experiences and advocating to young girls that cause my opinion to be what it is.  I realize that there are other factors that may effect a persons style of dress and thought process.  I do welcome other points of view because I do appreciate and value others opinions.


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