Body Types and Dressing to Fit That Profile

Body Types

Type A- The width of your shoulders and torso is smaller than the width of your hips. ( apple bottom)
Type B-  Your shoulders and hips are approximately the same width with a defined waist. ( hour glass)
Type C-  The width of your shoulders are the same or wider than the width of your hips with little to no   definition in your waist. (box)

**Types D, E, F are the fuller, voluptuous sizes of A, B, C.**

Dressing body types A,B and C

Jeans should be straight or bootcut styles.  It should have ease through the hips and legs. Flare leg is another good choice.  It creates a visual balance for your hips. ( should not be snug fitting in the leg).

Good skirt choices are circle skirt, A-line skirt or a straight skirt. Any skirt selection should have a small or no waist band.  Fabric choice should be soft with enough body to drape softly over hips.  Skirts should be worn knee length and worn at natural to low waist line.

Top selections include fitted/tailored shirts, boat neck/ballet neck/ square neck, wrap tops, banded tops, and finally necklines that fall midchest to throat.

Dressing body types D, E and F

> Look for individual pieces that enhance focal points
       > focal points- neck and shoulders, back, cleavage, forearms, legs.
> Bottoms must have a drape and stretch for skimming ( never tight or clingy) fit.
> Choose interesting layers, jackets and coats in soft textures, vertical patterns and print.
       > tops that define a look and your curves
       > monochromatic and tonal pieces for an unbroken line.
                      > Ill-fitting jackets and tops pulled over a full bottom is more of a spotlight than camouflage.
> Horizontal stripes for tops
        > horizontal lines that are narrowly spaced actually lengthen your line. ( it creates an optical illusion that draws the eye up and down as much as vertical lines)


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