I love Me!

A while back I dealt with a situation with my daughter where she was being picked on in school.  All the while she is trying to find out who she is as person, where she fits in as a young girl, and where her journey begins as she embarks on being a teenager.  As a parent I not only was concerned as to how she would handle being picked on, how it would ultimately effect her inner spirit and self-esteem. 

I realized how much more cruel children are than when I was growing up.  Being a mom, I wanted to spank all these children, jack them up and let them know what it felt like , but I had to take into account that these young girls were doing this for a reason.  There was deeper motive than just having something to do.  So I set my motherly emotions aside and scheduled a conference with the teachers, the principal, the parents and the children.  By the end of the meeting I was fuming  because the mother was so immature, spoke very ignorantly and her demeanor was very callous.  I then began to understand why her child acted the way that she did.  I also later found out that the little girl was being abused at home by her siblings and was home alone most of the time. 

Meanwhile, my daughter was being destroyed in the chaos of this drama.  My daughter was caught in the funnel of this child’s destruction.  As a mother I wanted to protect her 24 hours, sit in class with her and dare someone to say anything out the way, or even look at her crazy.  But what was this doing for my daughter?  Would this weaken her further and she be further afraid to stand up for herself?  Would this make her more cowardice and fragile, meek and more intimidated to protect her very being from this child’s wrath. 

I did the only thing I knew to do without taking her ability to stand up for herself away.  I taught her about inner beauty, inner peace, positivity, style, happiness, self-love and more.  I created mantras that we said together. Mantras that lifted her inner being, filled her soul with love from herself and then others.  I also gave her a fresh perspective on outward appearance.  What the difference was between fashion and style.  How to stand out and be confident.  It took some time for these lessons to sink in.  It was an everyday effort.  We talked more about self-awareness and even how to help others in her same position.  That this may even  help her get through her own pain and help her find resources and ways that I didn’t think of that could help her greatly.  I even urged my daughter to journal and most of all PRAY.  Release her feelings!  Cry, scream, run, shout, jump up and down.  Whatever it took to release the feelings and pain burning deep within her.  Our children are our future, we must protect them at all cost.



  1. giftedhandsinmotion · March 8, 2015

    Love this article 😍

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